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Our Mergers and Acquisitions Services


Successful mergers and acquisitions require experience and a dedicated team. At Beck Legal, our corporate team will become a part of your team from the get go and you will have the opportunity to meet every lawyer working on the matter. Mergers and acquisitions move quickly, and it is important to have a legal team that has the resources and experience required to make it happen.

To us, a merger, acquisition or restructure is not just a deal value or number. We want to understand the drivers behind it and what your business wants to achieve, so that we can deliver on the outcomes you are looking for.

Our Services

Beck Legal’s corporate team provides mergers and acquisitions services to businesses include:

  • Sale and acquisition strategies and negotiations;
  • Memorandums of understanding, terms sheets and heads of agreement;
    Due diligence (including in respect of intellectual property, assets, securities, employees, key contracts/supply agreements);
  • Business restructuring in anticipation of a sale or acquisition;
  • Asset and share sales (see our business and share sales and purchases page for further information);
  • Dealing with regulators;
  • Shareholders agreements and joint venture agreements;
  • Advice and approvals under the Corporations Act and other regulations;
  • Tax advisory, including comprehensive advice on capital gains tax, stamp duty and GST issues; and
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Our Restructuring Services

We advise our clients on structuring and restructuring as both a stand-alone matter independent of any transaction, and as part of any proposed or desired sale, merger or acquisition. We can advise you on the ideal business structure for risk management and asset protection purposes, as well as how to structure your business in a way that is most attractive to a potential buyer or that will allow you to cater for succession planning and bring in new investors in the future. We can also advise on simplifying your structure to ease the compliance burden.

We work closely with your accountants and financial planners to ensure everyone is on the same page and your desired results are achieved.

Why Choose Beck Legal?

Mergers, acquisitions and restructures require a cross set of skills. Beck Legal is a full service corporate/commercial law firm, that has the required depth of experience across all areas of law that interplay in a proposed transaction and restructure.

For more information about our mergers, acquisitions and restructuring services, get in touch today.

About us

We are a legal service provider who challenges the status quo by focusing on innovation and benchmarking ourselves against other great businesses across all industries, refusing to only compare ourselves to other legal service providers. To attract and retain great clients you need to run your business like other great businesses.

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