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Our approach to commercial contracts is unique and personalised. To ensure the contracts we prepare and the advices we give are practical, we take the time to understand how the deal works before we reduce the terms to writing. We understand that every arrangement has its own nuances and needs to be tailored, and we do not adopt a template or cookie cutter approach.

Our approach to Contracts

Whether you need an agreement, deed or terms sheet drafted, Beck Legal’s corporate team can help you. Our approach involves finding out about how the deal will operate in practice (for example, we will ask you to confirm the key commercial terms around payment, duration, obligations, breach and termination), and what your key priorities/concerns are (for example, these might be about getting paid before delivery, taking security, ensuring the other party has insurance, or being able to terminate in certain circumstances).

Our team has the expertise and track record to then reduce these terms to writing in a way that is easy for both parties to understand, enforceable and commercial. We have been the trusted advisers to many highly regarded businesses in Victoria for over 35 years, and many of our lawyers have actual real-life business experience.

The types of commercial contracts we frequently prepare for our clients include:

  • Shareholders Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Loan Agreements (and associated security agreements);
  • Licence Agreements;
  • Distribution Agreements;
  • Supply Agreements;
  • Asset and Chattel Sale Agreements, including vendor finance agreements;
  • Deeds, including Deeds of Termination, Settlement and Assignment;
    Finders/Referral/Commission Agreements;
  • Various other Commercial Contracts.

Our approach to Advisory

Our approach to advisory services is similar to when we prepare contracts. Our commercial team will take the time to understand what your questions and concerns are so that the advice is on point and comprehensively addresses the matter. We will prepare the advice in the format that best suits you and anyone else who the advice will be provided to, whether you simply want verbal advice, a more lengthy “legal style” advice, short email advice, or the advice in a table or flow chart format.


Why Choose Us?

Beck Legal understands how business works and is on the front foot of advancements in commercial law in Australia. Our contracts and advices are always practical, legally compliant and capture your intentions. You can trust that our commercial team has the experience and resources to advise your business on all areas of commercial law, and prepare all types of commercial contracts.

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We are a legal service provider who challenges the status quo by focusing on innovation and benchmarking ourselves against other great businesses across all industries, refusing to only compare ourselves to other legal service providers. To attract and retain great clients you need to run your business like other great businesses.

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