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At Beck Legal we are a business not a law firm. We offer solutions, facilitate outcomes and our clients value and appreciate the personalised timely service we’re able to deliver from regional Victoria no matter where our client is located.

What is Local Government and Planning?

Local Councils and statutory authorities look for personalised, innovative and a common-sense approach to their legal services and that’s what the team at Beck Legal offers. Working with you to identify your needs, the team at Beck Legal develops and delivers legal services to achieve your desired objectives, guiding you every step of the way.

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Service Like No Other

When it comes to urgency and quick ad-hoc advice, we are the best in the business.

Service delivery is a core value when it comes to dealing with Beck Legal and the team prides themselves on ensuring key personnel are always accessible and there is never any confusion as to who’s providing your legal services.

Being responsive to the individual requirements of our clients, we integrate into their decision-making process, take the time to understand their strategy, we take ownership of the situation and confidently lead our clients with our aim on outcomes.

In delivering legal services, we put our reputations on the line to provide our clients with a clear decisive recommendation and approach, rather than simply “the options available”, and which is linked to to achieving their desired outcomes.



The team at Beck Legal understand the varied and unique environmental factors which influence planning decisions across municipalities and the intersections between the planning scheme and other legislative controls.

In delivering timely and effectively planning services, the team at Beck Legal always have a view to the bigger picture – “What is it Council or the government agency is trying to achieve?” and work closely with our clients to tailor our services to those objectives.



In an age of increasing uncertainty caused by recent changes to the building regime, including swimming pool safety audits, combustible cladding and the changing enforcement landscape post Corkman, the team at Beck Legal aim to provide certainty, consistency and comfort when guiding Municipal Building Surveyors in exercising their duties to administer and enforce the Building Act 1993.

We understand that the predominant view of Council’s is to achieving compliance and we endeavour to ensure the solutions we provide is done so with a view achieving long term sustainable compliance first and foremost.



Never has there been a time when the conduct of Government has been under more scrutiny and local government has not escaped such public and media examination.

We work with local governments to assist with the navigation through the array of legislation for which they are responsible to administer and enforce.


Local Laws

Whilst not receiving much fanfare, Beck Legal understands that local laws are a vital tool for local councils in developing municipality specific controls that are not regulated through State and Federal legislation.

The team at Beck Legal understands this and bring our extensive knowledge of both metropolitan and regional councils to provide solutions via local laws which are tailored and responsive to the specific needs of the particular council and not just some cookie cutter approach to drafting such an important tool for local councils.



In addition to assisting councils with enforcement and prosecution under the relevant planning (this should be a hyperlink to planning), building (this should be a hyperlink to building) and local laws (this should be a hyper link to local laws), Beck Legal regularly provides advice and represents Councils for the enforcement and prosecution of offences including those under:

  • the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008
  • the Food Act 1984
  • the Environment Protection Act 1970
  • the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (and review of Council declarations)
  • the Tobacco Act 1987

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