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Our approach to terms and conditions is unique and personalised. We understand that your business has its own way of operating, and we do not adopt a cookie cutter approach. We stay on the front foot of advancements in business law, including changes to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) (which can apply to B2B transactions) and understand how terms need to be worded in order to reduce your exposure.

Our approach to Terms and Conditions

Our approach involves finding out about how you do business so that we can advise you on what terms you need to put in place, including what industry specific terms should be covered. We will start off by getting an understanding of your payment terms, delivery terms, insurance terms, warranties, timeframes and any applicable industry specific laws or requirements. Following that, we can put together terms and conditions that can either be used for a bespoke arrangement or as a template, such as with a schedule or a purchase order/quote attached.

We will explain to you the types of clauses that we recommend including, which generally encompass the following:

  • Protection of intellectual property, particularly if you are providing software based services;
  • Retention of title terms and taking security if you are getting payment after delivery;
  • Reducing your liability in compliance with the ACL;
    Termination rights;
  • Use of customer data;
  • A right to subcontract, if applicable;
  • Reducing your liability in the event the other party contributes to the damage;
  • Payments to be made without set-off or counterclaim;
  • No refunds to the extent provided by law.



Industries we work with

We can prepare terms and conditions across all industries, including:

  • Agriculture;
  • Energy and Resources, including renewables;
  • Technology, software and online businesses;
  • Retail;
  • Services;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Health;
  • Aged care;
  • Other industries.

Why Choose Beck Legal

Beck Legal understands your business and is happy to prepare your terms and conditions your way. Whether that means you want your terms to be limited to key terms that will fit on one page, or whether you want all potential scenarios covered, we can prepare terms that will suit your needs and be acceptable to your customers.
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About us

We are a legal service provider who challenges the status quo by focusing on innovation and benchmarking ourselves against other great businesses across all industries, refusing to only compare ourselves to other legal service providers. To attract and retain great clients you need to run your business like other great businesses.

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