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In an age of increasing uncertainty caused by recent changes to the building regime, including swimming pool safety audits, combustible cladding and the changing enforcement landscape post Corkman, the team at Beck Legal aim to provide certainty, consistency and comfort when guiding Municipal Building Surveyors in exercising their duties to administer and enforce the Building Act 1993.

We understand that the predominant view of Council’s is to achieving compliance and we endeavour to ensure the solutions we provide is done so with a view achieving long term sustainable compliance first and foremost.

We also understand that the ramifications for Councils in terms of achieving compliance and managing non-compliance can have serious liability consequences for Councils.  It is with this in mind that we deliver legal outcomes always with a view to protecting the community and mitigating Council’s exposure to any potential risk.

Outcomes provided by Beck Legal often include prosecution for noncompliance and we are experienced in guiding Councils through carrying out works as required under building and emergency orders and acting in the recovery of costs of doing such works for Councils.


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We are a legal service provider who challenges the status quo by focusing on innovation and benchmarking ourselves against other great businesses across all industries, refusing to only compare ourselves to other legal service providers. To attract and retain great clients you need to run your business like other great businesses.

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