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Entering into a Lease is a big commitment for both landlords and tenants. It is vital to ensure that your Lease reflects your intentions otherwise you could be locked into an agreement that you are not happy with for many years. Beck Legal’s leasing lawyers stay on top of the changes in commercial leasing, including changes to the Retail Leases Act and Court cases to ensure that your Lease is compliant and is enforceable.

Our Landlord Services

Our leasing lawyers can assist with all aspects of leasing, including:
  • Advice – We can advise you on whether your Lease is caught by the Retail Leases Act or not;
  • Lease – Preparation of a Lease and associated disclosure documents, including advice in relation to what terms you should include based on your industry. Our team has the experience to prepare all types of commercial leases, including agricultural, retail, commercial, industrial and office leases. We will take the time to listen to you and get an understanding of what your key goals and concerns are from the arrangement so that we can tailor the Lease to your situation;
  • Negotiation – We can undertake all the negotiations on your behalf, and we will give you practical advice on what is worth holding onto and what you can let go of based on our experience;
  • Retail Leases – Preparation of the Disclosure Document and advice on what you need to do to comply with the Retail Leases Act;
  • Assignment/Transfer – Assisting you in responding to a request to assign a Lease, and preparing the associated assignment documents or a new Lease if an assignment is to occur;
  • Default – Advising you of your rights under the Lease in relation to a default by the Lessee and the process to re-enter the premises;
  • Disputes – Our leasing team works hand in hand with our litigation team to resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively. Our experience includes disputes relating to relocation, works, rejecting assignees, rent increases, the enforceability of verbal disputes and urgent repairs;
  • Other Arrangements – Preparation of licenses, sub-leases, and car park licences.

Our Tenant Services

If you are thinking about signing a Lease or you require assistance during the term of your Lease, our leasing team can assist you. Our tenant services include:
  • Lease Review – We can review the documents for you and let you know if anything is out of the ordinary so that you don’t get any surprises later. We will highlight any onerous obligations you have, as well as the costs you may be liable to pay. We will also provide you with practical tips, such as checking the zoning of the land and confirming any permits required with the local Council;
  • Assignment, Termination and Disputes – We can prepare and review any assignment documents to ensure the tenant and its guarantors are properly released from all ongoing liability, and provide you with advice on your rights to terminate a lease.

Why Choose Beck Legal?

We take the time to understand why you are entering into a Lease, including what you want to achieve from a leasing arrangement. This helps us tailor the terms of a Lease or our advice to you and ensures your intentions are secured. Beck Legal is the trusted advisor to both landlords and tenants in Victoria.

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