From primary teaching to Associate

“I’ve always been fascinated by how we as a community chose to use land. Law seemed to be a challenging and interesting way of being a part of that process, especially as I now work in Development and for developers who create new neighbourhoods and communities from scratch.”

Natalie’s career path to law was far from a traditional journey. After high school Natalie gained invaluable life experience travelling though America and Europe for several years working a variety of jobs from teaching horse riding at a summer camp the USA to working in the office at school for the deaf in Scotland.

After travelling Natalie studied Education at university and had a short career in teaching before taking a career break to have children. It was when she returned to the workforce after children she decided to study law.

“Studying in Bendigo was a huge plus, it meant I was able to fit study in around work and family life. The smaller classes in a regional setting also gave greater access to university staff and a collegial feeling around campus.”

“I started at Beck Legal as a final year law student. From there, I have worked on developing my skills as a solicitor until I was invited to join the Associates program. The Associates program has provided learning and business opportunities to develop the necessary management skills needed to progress all the while in a supported environment.”

When asked what Natalie values most about her career at Beck Legal she says “It’s the collegial atmosphere, where we recognise and support each other to provide service to our clients. The Beck Legal environment is respectful and everyone is listened to and each voice is valued. We work in teams and also as a collective team across the business”.

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