Latrobe univeristy Bendigo to local law

In the later years of high school, Brody knew he wanted to study business. When Brody reached a point in year 12 where he had to pick what courses to apply for, he was drawn to the practicality of law. Brody says “To me, there was nothing more rewarding than the idea of working with people to resolve commercial issues. When I found out you could study business and law, I knew I had found my path.” 


Brody was accepted into La Trobe University Bendigo to undertake degrees in Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Business. “I loved the community aspect of studying in Bendigo. It allowed me to stay connected to local people and issues whilst studying. This allowed for a smooth transition into the workplace in the community that I grew up and studied in.” 

While studying, Brody was involved with the Bendigo Student Association (now known as Bendigo Law and Criminology Society). “This gave me firsthand corporate governance experience.” Towards the later years of his degrees, Brody began working at a local firm in a commercial and litigation paralegal role. Post admission Brody joined Beck Legal where he is highly regarded in the litigation and local government team.   

Brody enjoys working together as a team and sharing knowledge across the firm’s departments to resolve legal issues for local people. “This makes what we do extremely fulfilling as we are directly impacting the lives of people in the community we live in and love.” 

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