Following a traditional pathway to an evolving career

In his later years of high school Shuan knew he wanted to be a Lawyer. “I wanted to do something challenging in a field that was ever evolving.” 

Shaun studied Law/Business (Sports Management) at LaTrobe Bendigo. Living on campus, Shaun enjoyed the social aspects and meeting lots of new people. In his last year of university in 2019, Shaun started his Clerkship at Beck Legal. He then progressed to Client Manager while he was completing his Practical Legal Training. Following this Shaun was then made a Solicitor and Associate. Shaun also conducts face-to-face tutoring at Latrobe university each week, which is something he is really passionate about. 

When asked what Shaun enjoys most about Beck Legal he says “The team and the people I get to work with everyday. I also enjoy learning about client’s businesses and how our services can help them succeed. 

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